Trinity College London Exams

Real communication skills

Trinity exams focus on assessing communication skills effectively. Therefore, its preparation develops the skills needed for studies and insertion in the competitive world of work.

Trinity English Language Exams:

  • Evaluate communication skills that are used in real life
    Promote the development of transferable skills
  • Include student-centered tasks that set you apart
  • Stimulate the independence of students and support teachers Support modern pedagogical practices such as content and language integrated learning (CLIL)
  • They are linked to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR)
  • Are aligned with national curricula from around the world
  • Stimulate spontaneous and interactive communication
  • Performed by professional English-speaking experts
  • Provide students and teachers with helpful feedback
  • They are held at the school on agreed dates

Prepare students for an evolving world​

Life in the 21st century is more interconnected, competitive and demanding than ever. But for people who can communicate effectively in English — in person, in writing, and online — opportunities for employment and study increase. More and more, what makes the difference to success in life is not only the language you know, but what you can do with it. That’s why at Trinity College London we integrate real-life communication practice into assessments.

Discover Trinity

Trinity is an international testing body with a positive and supportive approach to assessment and development. We have been offering exams abroad since 1877 and each year over 700,000 people from around the world take a Trinity exam. Our heritage as an examination body for English language, music and theater allows us to combine understanding of performance and communication with that of language to offer a range of English qualifications with unique benefits for students, teachers and schools.

Tests that have a positive effect

  • Students who are effective and confident communicators
  • Teaching that motivates and engages students
  • Lessons that are dynamic, entertaining and relevant for the future
  • Schools that prepare students for success

There is a suitable Trinity exam for every student, with flexible programs and international recognition

Trinity exams are regulated by Ofqual and are trusted by many universities and commercial institutions around the world as strong proof of English language proficiency.


GESE: Graded Examinations in Spoken English​

Oral comprehension and expression is assessed in a dynamic and personalized conversation. GESE exams are suitable for all students, whatever the level: from complete beginner to advanced.

ISE: Integrated Skills in English

A written and oral comprehension and expression test that assesses integrated skills in English and develops communication skills for studies and job placement.

ISE offers flexibility to obtain the certificates of the different levels over time. Detailed diagnostic reports show the strengths and areas for improvement of each of the competencies.

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