Why learn Spanish?

Let’s be honest, we can probably think of more reasons / excuses not to learn Spanish that reasons to join a Spanish class. Some of the reasons we have heard are:

Some or all of these may resonate with you, and it’s not easy to find arguments to counteract these points of view. However, I’m going to try.

Our view is that the benefits of learning this wonderful language certainly outweigh any perceived inconveniences.

Reasons to Learn Spanish…

  1. Being able to converse with someone for whatever reason in Spanish, not only understand them, but also find the right words to be able to express yourself clearly (at your level).
  2. The more you learn, the easier it gets (this is true, but only if we ignore the subjunctive tense)
  3. Get to know other people in your local community.
  4. Get to know your area.
  5. Enjoy Spanish culture, music and theater
  6. Be able to communicate with 400 million other Spanish speakers

Those are the general reasons, but why choose RondaLingua?.

  1. Our experienced and qualified team are on hand to help you develop your language skills.
  2. Our classes are fun, and dynamic with a strong student-lead emphasis on learning.
  3. Our classes are a healthy balance of skills development and grammar work.
  4. You can take part in our language exchanges with no extra cost.
  5. We can help you get involved with local charitable activities.
  6. Our classes are one day a week
  7. You can join presentially or online  
  8. We can help you with the Spanish Citizenship test (CCSE)
  9. Prepare you for DELE / SIELE exams.

We taken into consideration the principal objections / obstacles to joining a Spanish class, our classes are more than just grammar exercises, our objective is to help you improve your Spanish, making your life easier.

For more information, call us on 617 39 82 14

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